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Head Vector 110 HF


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101 mm forefoot width
HeatFit Liner –  This multi-component liner with moldable inserts provides a customizable fit. Only 5 minutes of heating activates the moldable inserts, so you can have a custom fitted boot in no time.

HP frame footbed

Triple Injected Frame –  A high performance, multi-density shell optimizes easy entry, foot wrapping, comfort and energy transmission.

Easy Entry Shell Design –  Four channels are cut into the throat of the boot to reduce the thickness of the material, providing smoother entry and better wrapping of the foot.

Double Canting –  Two different levels of canting adjust to properly align the body and boot.

Rear support tuning

4 Micro-adjustable Spine-Tech Alloy Buckles –  The Spine-Tech buckle features a constant traction closure point, which translates into a reduction in pressure points, an increased overlap between shell flaps, more comfort and more precision.

1 Supermacro Ratchet –  An adjustable, ratcheted toothplate provides 28 mm of calf adjustment.

2 Double Power Levers –  Developed and patented by HEAD, the double power lever reduces the effort needed to close the buckle by 50%.

40 mm Hook-and-Loop Fastener strap