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Nitro Team Pro Binding

The new Nitro Team Pro binding was the brainchild of our team riders who are out there pushing the limits everyday from X-Games runs, to spring park shoots - Sven Thorgren, Marcus Kleveland, and Sam Taxwood wanted a stronger, and more responsive version of the current Team binding. 

The Team Pro is our most professionally qualified park destroyer, because of its snug fit, responsive straps, and overall durability! Inspired by the next level riding of our Pro Team rider, the Team Pro´s responsive Pro Highback is equipped with a heavy duty forward lean adjuster and has an upgraded Premium Lockdown Ankle Strap for increased precision and confidence during crucial moments before and after take off. The 3° Canted Footbed, Air Dampening, and Stealth Air Base Frame provide a fit and footbed comfortable enough to allow you to send it over and over again all season long. As we all know, and especially riders like Marcus Kleveland and Sven Thorgren, a binding is only as good as how long it lasts - that is why this new pro-caliber binding has been equipped with the ÜBERGRIP TOE STRAP by Vibram and Cable reinforced Connectors and Ratchets for increased durability and unparalleled strength no matter the weather conditions. If you enjoyed the fit and ride of the standard Team Binding, but would like to step up to the next level of super pro caliber performance than do like the Nitro Pro´s and strap into a pair of Team Pros!