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Nitro MINI THRILLS (2023)

The new Mini Thrills board provides the feel of our high-end park boards' ride, look, and feel in smaller sizes with a kid-friendly flex pattern. Freestyle tricks always come from the kids, and the Mini Thrills is a board built to allow the younger generation to make its mark in the park!

Introducing the new Mini Thrills, a brand-new park-specific kids snowboard that will allow young rippers to do the tricks they have always dreamed of in style. The Twin Shape and the early rise in the tip and tail from the FlatOut Rocker allow for catch-free take-offs and landings, making it easy to progress - Who knows, maybe you will invent your own tricks on the Mini Thrills! The Powercore and Bi-Lite Laminates keep the weight at a minimum and pop at a maximum, making it easier to control the board in the park, while the Urban Flex allows for easy nose and tail presses. The Mini Thrills will keep you cruising at a consistent speed with the Premium Extruded FH Base, which is also very easy to repair if it gets dinged up in the park or of the marked trail. If you are a park ripper or daydreaming of being one and looking for a smaller deck, then the Mini Thrills is the board for you – 1000%!



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