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 7471 State Route 374 Clifford Township PA 18470 Ph: 570-222-4200

Fischer RC One 86 GT

The Turn Zone makes the RC One nimble and responsive

The Turn Zone gets things moving with light but strong BAFATEX® in the blade and tail to reduce weight. This makes all the RC One models nimble and responsive. These skis are also well-balanced for dynamic turn initiation that sets your passion free for whatever type of skiing you enjoy. This new reduced weight combined with Triple Radius shape make these models especially versatile and fast reacting, so you’re always in control. Sophisticated use of materials like Titanal offers stability, safety, and an extremely smooth rides. The RC One collection was developed with the goal of making every skier not just better, but just maybe legendary.

Binding Included : RSW 12 GW Powerrail Brake 85

The RSW 12 GW binding offers a modern look on all all-mountain skis. The binding can be used with adult alpine boots (ISO 5355) and GripWalk ski boots (ISO 9523). It is also equipped with the Diagonal Heel System for maximum safety in forward facing falls.