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 7471 State Route 374 Clifford Township PA 18470 Ph: 570-222-4200

Zipline Chrome 16.0 Graphite Composite Ski Poles

HYDROGRAPHIC TECHNOLOGY - The first Chrome Finish Graphite Ski pole using Hydrographic painting method, the same technology used in college and NFL team football helmets.
GRAPHITE CARBON COMPOSITE TECHNOLOGY - High modulus carbon fiber graphite replaces the outdated aluminum of most ski poles, resulting in a pole that reduces vibration with every pole pant and is extremely lightweight and durable.

STIFF 16.0mm TAPERED SKI POLE - Pole shaft tapers from 16.0mm at the handle to 14.0mm at the tip for a stiffer pole with a lighter swing-weight that is used by World Cup and Olympic Gold Medal athletes like David Wise.

INCLUDES BOTH SMALL AND LARGE BASKETS: Comes with the smaller Zipline Hexagon basket for quick pole plants and on powder days you can easily switch to the 9mm larger powder basket to tackle the fresh powder all skiers dream about.

“ZIP TOUCH” DUAL DENSITY GRIP - Our signature “trigger finger” ZipGrip is built with thermoplastic (TPU) and contours to your hand, preventing your gloves from slipping. Velcro Straps are easily adjustable on the fly
CARBIDE TIP - Tough and sharp carbide Zip Tip with teeth allows for precise pole plants and secured grip in any condition.

Zipline - The Choice of Olympic Gold Medalist, David Wise.