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Nordica Sportmachine 65 W

The Sportmachine 65 W’s reinforced sole and spine boost confidence and control by making it easier to initiate turns and transition between them. Incredibly soft, its liner is built around a woman’s calf and can be heat molded for a custom fit. And thanks to a dual entry instep, getting in and out of the boot is especially easy. Great days begin with the Sportmachine 65W.

  • The Tri-Force Frame design is a remarkable concept, using an anatomical shell design that channels energy through the body of the boot to the edges of your skis. It allows nimble and precise movements while critically maintaining the highest level of comfort.
  • Adjustable Cuff Profile: Allows for quick and easy adjustment of the upper cuff circumference for more comfort, customization while allowing skiers to be postioned in a more natural skiing stance.
  • Dual Easy Entry Instep: Soft plastic inserts integrated into the throat allows for easy entry and exit into the boot.