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Salomon X3 CS


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The Salomon X3 CS Ski Boots are great for the aspiring Olympic skier. Created with World Cup Advanced Shell Technology, this ensures the proper back support and body positioning within the boot. This also allows for more torsional control and will definitely transfer the maximum amount of power from the racer to the skis. Bi Material PU Lower Shell and Upper Cuff is made from polyurethane. This material offers the right amount of stiffness while remaining durable and abrasion resistant. For added comfort, the Salomon X3 CS Ski Boots are equipped with My Custom Fit Comfort. This Thermoformable Tongue ensures greater overall comfort especially targeting the tibia (or shinbone). Best of all and the biggest feature is the Custom Shell. This is adds tons of performance as its patented Karpolene material adapts to your foot so you are placing your feet inside a completely customized boot to match your body. Buckle in and get ready to leave all your opponents in the wake when you get into one of these Salomon X3 CS Ski Boots.

Ski Boot Specifications

Ski Gear Intended Use: Race
Category: Race
Width: Narrow (95-99mm)
Forefoot Width: 98mm at Reference Size 26.5
Flex: Stiff
Actual Flex: 100
Flex Adjustment: No
Buckle Count: 4
Number of Micro Buckles: 4
Buckle Material: Titanium
Cuff Alignment: Dual
Ski/Walk: No
Prewired For Heat: No
Special Features: My Custom Fit Liner
Special Features: Custom Shell
Warranty: One Year
Used: No
Skill Range: 
Model Year: 2011