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Dalbello Scorpion 70/100


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The Scorpion 70 is all about performance for aggressive junior skiers. Featuring a bi-injected shell, often reserved for adult boots, Dalbello is able to offer a concise fit that is both comfortable and snug. By indexing the flex the Scorpion 70 will always have an appropriate flex even towards the smaller end of the size range. F-10 aluminum buckles not only look just like the ones on dad's boot, but offer microadjustability to fine tune for a perfect fit. The Scorpion 70 also offers adjustable forward lean, great for junior skiers that have issues getting forward on their skis. Crank it forward to teach how to ski in an aggressive position and then drop it back for better balance once they are able to find that aggressive stance. Pretty tricked out for a little junior boot.