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Head World Cup Rebels i:SL Team

Expert Racing Ski

The 2014 Worldcup Rebels SL Team by Head is designed for racing and has a very traditional ski design. Racing skis tend to be stiffer, longer, and narrower (with a waist width under 75mm) than the average ski allowing the skier to carve harder turns. Racing skis are for experts only - the same qualities that allow the ski to excel on the racecourse make the ski tough to control. An inexperienced skier on a pair of Worldcup Rebels SL Teams will be bucked around as if riding a bull.

This ski is made for kids, but it is not made for beginners. The Worldcup Rebels SL Team is a smaller version of a more advanced adult ski; it is only for children who already have many seasons under their belt and can confidently venture across most of the mountain.

Speed   superfast
Skill   racers
Terrain   racing slopes, steep slopes
Style   excellent, sophisticated skiing technique
Lengths   121/131/136/141/146/151/156
Radius   10.3 @ 141
  • Intelligence Technology
  • Worldcup sandwich construction
  • RD racing top sheet
  • Race structured UHM C base
  • Raceplate Junior